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George Albert Hammes (September 11, 1911 – April 11, 1993) was the eighth Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Superior, Wisconsin from 1960 to 1985. Bishop Hammes was born in St. Joseph, Wisconsin in the town of Greenfield, in La Crosse County, Wisconsin. He was ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood on May 22, 1937 for the Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse. Father Hammes was chancellor under Bishop John Patrick Treacy and taught at Aquinas High School in La Crosse, Wisconsin.On March 28, 1960, Pope John XXIII appointed him to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Superior and he was consecrated Bishop on May 24, 1960. Bishop Hammes retired on June 27, 1985 and died in La Crosse, Wisconsin; he was buried in Superior, Wisconsin.References^ A History of the Diocese of Superior^ Bishop George Albert Hammes

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