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Benjamin "Ben" Kirby Tennyson (later known as Ben 10) is the main protagonist of the series. He is a 10-year-old child from Bellwood, who found the Omnitrix during his summer vacation with his grandfather Max and his cousin Gwen. The watch fastens on his wrist and gives him the innew powers and abilities to become a superhero, threats, while trying to escape the alien warlord Vilgax, who pursue him relentlessly in order to retrieve the Omnitrix.For most of time, Ben is portrayed as mostly immature, sometimes self-centered boy; in the beginning, he only helped people with the pleasure of being a hero. This leads Gwen, Max, and the others to doubt Ben and they wonder if he has what it takes to be a hero and he should keep the Omnitrix. He has matured dramatically and is a very capable good leader in the sequel Ben 10: Alien Force due to Grandpa Max's disappearance and the threat of the Highbreed Invasion, but tends to relax and (somewhat) turn back to his original self in the third season.Despite his immaturity, Ben's actions are motivated above all by a strong and sincere will to help other people; he'll stop at nothing to protect his family or anyone in danger. Sometimes, his idealistic nature tends to make him act naive. Though often thought by many other characters to be quite unintelligent, Ben actually proves to be resourceful and cunning when needed, usually showing good adaptation skills when the Omnitrix doesn't provide him with the form he originally wanted. In the episode "Where the Magic Happens", Kevin shows surprise when Ben is able to memorize a sentence of magic symbols with a mere look. Gwen also states that he isn't working to his potential in school, to which he agrees. While attending the Plumber Academy, Ben seemingly does not pay attention to his classes or the drill sergeant, yet still achieves a grade of 95 upon completion of the course. During the Academy, he was unable to handle the training as a human so he uses the Ultimatrix to get him through the training despite his drill sergeant telling him not to use it. How much of that is the previous training Ben received from his grandfather and his actions in the episode is unknown.At some point between the two shows, Ben had removed the Omnitrix, spending some years without it, because he chose to give up from his superhero career to have a normal life, though he kept the Omnitrix as a souvenir, however, Ben found out that his Grandpa Max had mysteriously disappeared while investigating what Magister Labrid calls "an alien conspiracy with Earth in the middle" leaving only an enigmatic holographic message for Ben. Despite Gwen's doubts, Ben decided to use the Omnitrix again in order to find Max. When he toned down his immaturity in the first seasons of Ben 10: Alien Force, he proved to be a capable leader for his team, although after his success at saving the universe from the Highbreed Invasion, his overconfidence caused him to revert to his immature personality as well as a very competent fighter, and also Ben, Gwen an Kevin became "Deputized Plumbers". However, after his successful attempt at ending the Highbreed Conspiracy on Earth, Ben grew famous and was celebrated as a hero throughout the whole galaxy, now known as Ben 10, and received awards from various Alien ambassadors; this caused him to eventually relax and return to his immature attitude from the original series, with the addition of being somewhat cocky, much to Gwen's and Kevin's chagrin. To make it worse, Ben loses Azmuth's trust after a failed attempt to hack the Omnitrix. He became slightly more mature after defeating Vilgax.Ben also discovered that he, his cousins Gwen and Ken, father Carl and Uncle Frank, have alien heritage, from a species called Anodite, though he doesn't have his grandmother's spark like Gwen. Although, in "Fame", it is shown that at the end of Ben's mission, his eyes turn pink noting that there might be a connection between him and his Anodite background. This is proven in "Ben 10,000 Returns" when he is able to conjure up an energy shield made of manna to block Eon's aging energy ray (though Gwen's powers are much more powerful).In the two-part series finale of Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben lost the Omnitrix for Vilgax and was later forced to sacrifice it by ordering it to self-destruct. He then successfully took the Ultimatrix, a revamped version of the Omnitrix, from his evil twin Albedo. In addition to the original Omnitrix's shape shifting powers, the Ultimatrix gives Ben the power to turn into more powerful forms of his aliens, called "Ultimates."In Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Ben's secret identity is revealed to the world and he's now a megastar superhero loved all over by kids. This series features Ben's new car that Kevin gave him for his 16th birthday in "Ben 10: Alien Swarm". Kevin says that he'll keep it (since Ben destroyed his own with Humongousaur), but Ben threatens to throw the new one if he can't keep it. Ben is seen frequently driving his new car, titled the "DX Mark 10" (shown as a Mazda RX-8 in "Alien Swarm") in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.In Ben 10: Omniverse, Ben is now partnered with Rook Blonco, since Gwen has gone to college early with Kevin tagging along. It seems that he no longer attends school, given he's always out and about during the day; seen in "Blukic and Driba go to Mr. Smoothy's", Ben's status is enough to get a closed Mr. Smoothy's to open for him. Flashbacks to 11-year-old Ben are shown, suggesting this was the year Ben got the Omnitrix off his wrist until Alien Force. Ben's primary adversary in Omniverse is the intergalactic hunter, Khyber, who has partnered with other villains from Ben's past to gain whatever advantage he can.Gwen TennysonVoiced by:Meagan Smith - Ben 10 (10 years old)Ashley Johnson - Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (ages 15 and 16), and Ben 10: Omniverse (eleven and sixteen years old)Tara Strong - Ben 10 (30 and 42 years old in the episodes "Ben 10,000" and "Ken 10")Portrayed by:Haley Ramm - Ben 10: Race Against TimeGaladriel Stineman - Ben 10: Alien SwarmGwendolyn Catherine "Gwen" Tennyson is Ben's 10-year-old first cousin. She is also Kevin's girlfriend.In the original series, Gwen shares a love-hate family relationship with Ben. Before discovering her dormant magical and Anodite powers, she would help Ben by simply using her innate cleverness and intelligence. She is known to be a capable gymnast and martial artist and has received a black belt in taekwondo. Gwen is a very good student, especially in the episode "It's Not Easy Being Gwen", which shows that Gwen takes her education very seriously and in Ben 10: Omniverse, she is shown leaving for Ivy League College.Overall, her most notable skill is her incredibly strong magical abilities. Having within her what Charmcaster calls a magical aura (which is bright blue in the original series but eventually changes to bright shades of pink, magenta, fuchsia, and varying shades of violet in the two sequels), Gwen is capable of using various magical artefacts, charms, talismans, spellbooks, and spells. On two occasions, Gwen has used the five Charms of Bezel to become a superheroine by the name of Lucky Girl. At first, her power and ability drew from the luck-granting Charm of Bezel, which innately gave her perfect luck. While wearing the charm, any action she took would result in a chain reaction benefiting her original intent, but usually injuring Ben in the process. She later brought back her superheroine identity after obtaining the Keystone of Bezel, which greatly increased and strengthened her natural abilities to superhuman levels rather than just affecting her luck, and which granted her superhuman agility, stamina, and endurance. She was later forced to retire when the Charms of Bezel were again destroyed. However, in a twenty-year alternate future timeline, thirty-year-old Gwen had gone to the mystical interdimensional world of Bezel to receive a brand new set of mystical charms.Five years later, in Ben 10: Alien Force, her magical abilities have greatly strengthened and she is easily able to control and manipulate pink/magenta/fuchsia-colored glowing energy from her magical aura to create energy blasts, shields, barriers, ropes, chains, stepping stones, and other weapons and items. Her paternal grandmother, Verdona, is an vastly powerful Anodite alien from the planet Anodyne; a free-spirited alien species who possess the ability to manipulate and control a supernatural force-like substance called manna (also referred to as life energy, chakra, or chi) which is the very lifeblood essence of all magic and life itself. Gwen is also able to take on an Anodite energy form just like her grandmother whenever she gets very angry, enraged or stressed. In the mystical world, Ledgerdomain, Gwen's magical and Anodite powers are tremendously supercharged and magnified.Kevin Ethan LevinVoiced by:Michael Reisz - Ben 10 (Season 1, with 11 years old)Charlie Schlatter - Ben 10 (Season 2 and 4, with 11 and 43 years old in "Ken 10")Greg Cipes - Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Ben 10: Omniverse (16 and 17 years old)Portrayed by:Nathan Keyes - Ben 10: Alien SwarmKevin Ethan "Kev" Levin is an 11-year-old Human/Osmosian hybrid with the unique ability to absorb any type of matter or energy in order to utilize it in various ways. He is also Gwen's boyfriend.Kevin is one of the antagonists during the original show. After accidentally absorbing energy, Kevin demolishes his family's house, thinking that his stepfather, Harvey Hackett, has convinced his mother to throw him out. Running away from home, he eventually ends up in New York City and makes a home for himself in the subway tunnels. Later he befriends Ben in order to absorb power from the Omnitrix and seek revenge on everyone who treated him like a monster. A side effect of this is that although Kevin can change at will between the different aliens that are recorded in the Omnitrix (a skill that Ben lacked), Kevin can only look human for a short period of time. This prompts Kevin to blame Ben for his condition and go on a rampage, using the different aliens and their respective abilities to impersonate Ben. Eventually, Ben confronts Kevin in a battle which causes Kevin to turn into a chimeric hybrid of the alien forms. Though his hybrid form allows Kevin to utilize all of the abilities of Ben's different aliens, the power of the individual aliens is reduced. Eventually, Kevin ends up in the Null Void where he manages to regain his normal form and master his abilities under the guidance of a fellow inmate before escaping and becoming involved with the intergalactic black market. Despite lacking a proper formal education, Kevin possesses a vast scientific and technological knowledge of alien life and paraphernalia. While teaming up with Ben and Gwen during the Highbreed invasion of Earth, Kevin becomes more heroic, leading him to live his dream of being a Plumber like his father. He reconciles with Ben and, over time, starts a romantic relationship with Gwen. Kevin has a car, based on a 1970's Dodge Challenger which is armed with Plumber and other alien technology.Though he turned over a new leaf, Kevin still at times acts out of his own interests at time and has trouble forgiving others. During Vilgax's challenge to Ben, Kevin accidentally mutates into a living colossus composed of steel, Tadenite, concrete, and wood. As a result, Kevin has to wear an I.D. mask, an alien technology used by DNAliens to disguise themselves as humans, which Kevin used in public to appear human. During this second mutation, he learns the ability to turn his limbs into makeshift weapons at will. When the Omnitrix is destroyed, Kevin reverts to normal, but retains his ability to shape shift.During the events of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Kevin absorbs the Ultimatrix's energy in order to stop Aggregor, sacrificing his mental stability in the process, and becomes a monstrous combination of Ben's aliens once again. Kevin goes on a revenge spree against anyone who wronged him. However, unlike when he was eleven, Kevin is more of an anti-hero rather than a true villain, and has shown that he still retains some of his heart and humanity despite his condition. This is best seen in "The Enemy of My Enemy", when he spares Gwen's life, saying "The only reason you're alive is because of what you used to mean to me". In the two-part episode "Absolute Power", Kevin absorbs the abilities of Alan Albright, Manny, Helen, Pierce, and Doctor Viktor. In a last stand in Los Soledad, Ben (as Ultimate Echo Echo) finally defeats Kevin and drains his original Osmosian abilities, reversing his mutation and restoring his sanity. It ended with a romantic kiss from Gwen.ZedVoiced by:Paul Eiding - Ben 10: OmniverseZed is a female Anubian Baskurr (a pun on "Anubis" and "Baskerville"), a hunting dog-like alien creature that serves Khyber. Due to being a feral animal with loyalties to Khyber, the dog was best suited to use the Nemetrix. Ben was unaware of the Anubian Baskhurr's existence as he was only attacked by the dog when she assumed other alien forms. Zed made herself known during Ben and Rook's fight with Dr. Animo in "It Was Them." Dr. Animo attempted and failed to take control of the dog with his mind-control device.So far, only nine predatory species are revealed. Khyber usually battled each creature to obtain its DNA for the Nemetrix. Originally, Khyber's whistle would activate the Nemetrix. But after Dr. Psychobos used a part of the Omnitrix to repair the Nemetrix, the dog can now transform at will. But after the "Showdown" 2-parter, Khyber relieved his dog of the Nemetrix and Zed ends up being adopted by Kevin after the two saved each other.Rook BlonkoBumper Robinson - Ben 10: OmniverseRook Blonko is a Revonnahgander from the farm planet Revonnah. He is a new Plumber, assigned to Ben by Max after Gwen and Kevin left.He is a top Plumber Academy graduate, being a highly skilled fighter. He possesses many Plumbers' weapons and technology, such as the "Proto-Tech Armor" and "Proto-tool", a shape-shifting weapon that turns into a sword, bow, grappling hook, blaster, etc.Rook is an extremely skilled fighter with advanced knowledge and training. But he is a "by-the-book" cop with no actual experience, always treating Ben as a superior rather than a friend or a partner. It is said that the reason he and Ben are good partners for each other is that Rook is all training, no experience, while Ben is all experience, no training. Rook has limited Earth cultural knowledge and an inability to understand sarcasm, in contrast with Ben's wise-cracking, taught by experience personality. As a result, Ben was initially reluctant to accept the collaboration, even feeling it was forced by Max, but eventually begins warming up to him. Rook, on his side, is well-aware of Ben's status as a hero and admires him for it. He does not use contractions.Max TennysonVoiced by:Paul Eiding - Ben 10, Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Ben 10: Omniverse (60, 65, and 66 years old)Adam Wylie - Ben 10 (12 years old in "Don't Drink the Water")Jason Marsden - Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (seventeen years old in "Moonstruck" memory-flashbacks)Portrayed by:Lee Majors - Ben 10: Race Against TimeBarry Corbin - Ben 10: Alien SwarmMaxwell "Max" Tennyson is the 60-year-old paternal grandfather of Ben and Gwen. Despite his age, Max has shown on multiple occasions to be highly athletic and a formidable fighter. He takes his grandson gaining superpowers and super-abilities in stride and supports Ben in any way he can. Max was once in the United States Army, had been in an astronaut program, and was a Plumber and has been through his share of scrapes; Ben and Gwen didn't know of this at first, believing him to have been a literal plumber. They began questioning this after several incidents in which he displayed knowledge and skills that a plumber would not normally have; everything from military-style hand signals to a working knowledge of nuclear reactors. Throughout the first season, it seems that Max knows far more about aliens than he lets on, which climaxes in the season finale, where it is revealed that he and Vilgax are old enemies, with Vilgax even going so far as to call Max "a thorn in his side". Before Ben got the watch, Max tried to keep the Plumbers and the aliens a secret from his family because he wanted to protect them and he didn't want this life for his family; however, his plan failed miserably and he needed to learn to accept Ben and Gwen with this life. He begin to train them how to use their skills on the field. Keeping his secret from his sons had led his sons to resent him, and he never gave his sons a chance to learn about his life. He eventually learned the errors of his ways and he begins to realize that Ben and Gwen have what it takes to fight evil.In reality, Max was indeed a plumber, but not the kind that Ben and Gwen thought he was. He was part of an organization called "The Plumbers", and Max is one of the leaders, known as a "Magister". It is unknown if Max's strange taste in food was acquired from his adventures to other planets during his career as a Plumber, or if its root can be found in his childhood. Max was to have been among the candidates eligible for the Apollo 11 mission, and would have gone were it not for other concerns.Max is an old friend of an alien named Xylene. She, like all the other three-eyed aliens of her planet, has the powers and abilities of flight, telepathy, and telekinesis. She had intended to send the Omnitrix to Max, but Ben found it by accident during the camp trip. They seem to have been romantically involved and work well as a team. Xylene tries to convince Max to form a partnership and travel across the galaxy with her, but Max eventually turns her down twice: the first time due to his duties as a Plumber, and the second time due to his love for the kids.He also had quite a genuine strong and close romantic relationship with an Anodite alien named Verdona. They ended up having two sons, Carl (Ben's father), and Frank (Gwen and Ken's father). However it seems that their mutually strong romance had slightly deteriorated as Verdona left Earth to return to her home world. She was assumed dead by her husband in Ben 10: Race Against Time.In Ben 10: Alien Force, Max plays a part in exposing the Highbreed conspiracy. He destroyed a Xenocyte hatchery by detonating a Null Void Projector, which—after removing its focusing lens—makes a "pretty good imitation of a hand grenade" and produces an explosion that covers over half a mile wide. Max appeared to have been killed in the blast, but was instead sent to the Null Void, where he, calling himself "The Wrench", fought against Doctor Animo, who had taken over. Once the conflict is over, trains a new group of young Plumbers, at the same time informing Ben and the team of any alien threats.Secondary charactersThe PlumbersThe Plumbers are a special police force that operates in the universe. While there are some that work on Earth, there are others that work in different parts of the universe. Among the known Plumbers are:Magister LabridVoiced by:Jeff Bennett – Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (flashback)Magister Labrid is a plumber who appears in the two-part episode "Ben 10 Returns". He is an unspecified fish-like alien in a water-filled suit who was Grandpa Max's partner. He first appeared before Ben and Gwen when he thought that Ben stole the Omnitrix, he was taken down by Gwen when he tried to attack Ben, the three of them stakeout a weapons trade held by Kevin between the DNAliens and the Forever Knights, they managed to take down Kevin while the DNAliens and the Forever Knights got away. During the second fight with the Forever Knights, he was mortally wounded protecting Kevin which ended up damaging his suit enough to leak. Kevin states that he has some tape to repair it, but he denies Kevin's request. Before he evaporates, Magister Labrid tells Ben, Gwen, and Kevin to complete their mission to stop the DNAliens.Master Labrid also appears in a flashback in "Moonstruck" in which Grandpa Max recalls meeting Verdona for the first time and to help stop the Synthroid. In this episode, Max reveals that Magistar Labrid recruited him to the Plumbers.Magister Prior GilhilVoiced by:J.K. Simmons - Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate AlienMagister Prior Gilhil is a Plumber. He first appears when he encounters Ben, Gwen, and Kevin. Seeing as he hasn't considered the Highbreed a threat, he tells them to not get involved with the Plumbers. Darkstar later tips him off to a fight between Ben Tennyson and a Highbreed Lord, and he also ends up captured by Darkstar. After Gwen and the DNAliens defeat Darkstar, Magister Prior Gilhil made them honorary plumbers and then arrested Darkstar.Magister Prior Gilhil reappeared in "Escape From Agreggor", where in a flashback; he ended up answering a distress signal coming from Aggregor's ship. When he finds the five captive aliens during an inspection, he ends up knocked out and killed by Aggregor who used his charged-up staff on him. This explained how Aggregor was in his outfit and his ship when he recaptured Galapagus.Magister PatellidayVoiced by:Rob Paulsen - Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Ben 10: OmniverseMagister Patelliday is a Pisccis Volanns Plumber (just like Magister Pike) who is the second-in-command of the Plumbers of Earth. He looks like the other Pisccis Volanns, but he wears glasses. He only appears in the end of "Mother of All Vreedles" to arrest Ma Vreedle. He talks similar to Don KnottsHe reappears in Ben 10: Omniverse. He makes cameos in "The More Things Change, Part 2" and "A Jolt from the Past." In "Gone Fishin", Magister Patelliday is kidnapped by pirates led by Captain Cork. He is rescued by Ben and Rook.Blukic and DribaBlukic is voiced by:Paul Eiding - Ben 10: OmniverseDriba is voiced by:Eric Bauza - Ben 10: OmniverseBlukic (a pun on the director Butch Lukic) and Driba (a pun on the director Dan Riba) are Galvan Plumbers who work in the tech support sector. Like Ben, Blukic and Driba love Mr. Smoothy's; in "Store 23", they go looking for the rumored 23rd Mr. Smoothy's with him.They are not as smart as most of the Galvans, but are smarter than any human, and smart enough to repair the Omnitrix. Blukic and Driba are very similar to Ben and Gwen when they were 10, frequently arguing back and forth with each other over petty things. Blukic is thin, while Driba is fat, which makes them a parody of Laurel and Hardy.According to Derrick J. Wyatt, they are the galaxy's dumbest geniuses. A prime example of this is when they were tasked with creating an emergency exit in the Mount Rushmore base. They only made it big enough for Galvans. The Azmuth of Dimension 23 says that "you're geniuses, in humans terms, but you're remarkably unintelligent for a bunch of Galvans." Even Max, in "Max's Monster", said that Galvan Prime was more than happy to give Blukic and Driba to the Plumbers' earth base. Furthering this is in "Blukic and Driba go to Mr. Smoothy's", Driba and Blukic re-wire the base to avoid buying a new 3D screen, effectively shutting off the Code Red alarm, and preventing them from learning about the crisis the Plumbers were in.Plumber's HelpersThis group is made of children of Plumbers, most are hybrids, part alien, part human, with super powers, most with powers of some aliens of the Omnitrix and the Ultimatrix. They are allies of Ben's team and are currently being training by Max after they worked in the war of the Highbreed; in the end, they become pupils under him. Much to Max's annoyance, they insist on calling the new team "Max Force".In the season 3 premier, Max and the other Helpers try to take down Vilgax in the park but they were stomped out of the way.To test the Plumber's helpers, Max and Ben came up with a plan to trick Helen, Pierce, Manny, and Alan into believing that Ben had gone rogue, and attacked his Grandpa aboard a satellite. Each member of the Plumber's Helpers had initially decided to go on their own to stop Ben, but they were only able to defeat him when they worked together. Unfortunately, their battle with Ben had caused the satellite to fall towards Earth. To prevent the deaths of thousands, Helen, Pierce, Manny, and Alan decide unanimously to sacrifice their lives to cause the satellite to self-destruct. Max appeared in time to stop the self-destruct, stop the satellite from colliding with Earth, and tells the Plumber's Helpers that they had passed the test, and was on their way to Plumber's Academy. Cooper was absent in "Above and Beyond".The Helpers returned in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien in "Absolute Power" Pt. 1, Alan mentioned all of them, except Cooper was defeated by Kevin who drained him of his powers, along with Dr. Viktor. What Kevin did to them after he stole their powers is unknown, but they may have gotten there powers back after Kevin was changed back to normal.Cooper DanielsVoiced by:Cathy Cavadini – Ben 10Corey Padnos – Ben 10: Alien ForceChris Pratt – Ben 10: Ultimate AlienCooper Daniels' first appearance in the original series, he was given a ride home by Ben, Gwen and Max. Cooper is a genius with technology, in part thanks to his unique technopathic powers, which allow him able to mentally merge with and control electronic devices, both terrestrial and alien, either activating it or creating new machines and to communicate with any sort of machinery, which turned the color of his eyes into a bluish color with a robotic-like print on them to show his connection to technology; this power became crucial in defending the Mt. Rushmore base from the Negative 10. He was the first Plumber's descendant with special abilities introduced in the story, though it is not shown or explained if his powers come from being descended from an alien, or if they're just a special ability he has come to exhibit.Cooper reappears as a teenager in Ben 10: Alien Force, where he's become considerably obese due to spending too much time in his lab on the computer. The DNAliens capture him in and force him to use his technopathic powers to build a mysterious arch and a holographic projector to hide it. He's released by Ben, Gwen and Kevin, and destroys the projector. Cooper has since developed a crush on Gwen, which she can't help but be annoyed about, although Kevin usually shows jealousy when other boys crush on Gwen, he's surprisingly good-humored towards Cooper's teenage feelings. In "War of The Worlds", after studying the Omnitrix's ability to restore the DNAliens to humans, he dismantles his suit to create ray guns that copy the effect.In Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Cooper has shown to have had a growth spurt and is now considerably taller and more muscular, his voice deeper, and his overall appearance like that of a surfer. While unknown to what degree, he was shown to have gained strength after his growth spurt, as he was strong enough to plow through a wood wall. In the episode "Absolute Power", he helps in creating a device that would cure Kevin of his amalgamated form. He reappears in "Prisoner #775 is Missing", where it's revealed he has become a Plumber.Alan AlbrightVoiced by:Zeno Robinson - Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate AlienAlan Albright is a teenager—half human, half Pyronite (Heatblast's species). He wears his Plumber's Badge on his chest that was inherited his from his Pyronite father, which gives him a strong resemblance to Heatblast. Alan discovered his powers shortly before his first appearance, and he cannot control his powers very well, including the ability to fly.Helen WheelsVoiced by:Juliet Landau - Ben 10: Alien ForceHelen Wheels is half human, half Kineceleran (XLR8's species) and Pierce's adoptive sister.She was originally part of a small team in the episode "Plumber's Helpers", young plumbers' apprentices, with Pierce and their friend Manny. Helen is smart, brave, kind and level-headed, though at times she usually tries to act rational and wise, making her mostly a mirror image of Gwen, usually prefers a more careful and less aggressive approach, causing occasional argument between her and Manny, sharing a love-hate relationship with him, and she might have a crush on him. Helen has quite skilled with computers and technology and has the same abilities as XLR8, as well as a visor, though it only covers her eyes.Helen and Manny used to hunt all sorts of aliens they confused for criminals whom they would throw into an old Null Void projector, which they've mistaken for a disintegration weapon. Manny convinced Helen that Ben, Gwen and Kevin, were DNAliens, but the confusion is eventually cleared up after Ben proves that the Null Void projector wasn't a disintegration weapon. To rescue those they may have falsely imprisoned, because part of those they captured probably were Plumbers' kids, Helen and Manny travel into the Null Void. Later, Helen telepathically contacts Gwen for help against Dr. Animo, which Ben provides.Manny ArmstrongVoiced by:Khary Payton – Ben 10: Alien ForceManny Armstrong is half human, half Tetramand (Fourarms' species), though he seems to be slightly smaller and weaker, presumably because he's a hybrid.Manny is like Kevin, hot-headed, aggressive, a rebel, and sometimes cocky, often willing to fight even when it may be not necessary. He shows an anti-hero personality and is stubbornly dedicated to their mission, immediately assuming that Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are DNAliens, he lacks his mirror's laid back attitude, often permanently angry and insulting to even his own allies, earning him the dislike of Kevin and Ben and forcing Helen to act as peacekeeper. Manny is finally convinced to listen after being brought down by Ben, after learning the error of their ways, Helen and Manny travel into the Null Void to search for those they've wrongly imprisoned.He shares a love-hate relationship with Helen. When confronted with Helen's wiser personality as opposed to his hot-headed attitude, it causes them to fight often, though he is shown to truly care about her, as he was willing to attack Ben after he hurt her in "Above and Beyond". Several hints suggest Manny might have a crush on Helen in nearly all of their appearances.Later in the Null Void, Manny is one of the resistance fighters battling Dr. Animo, a past battle cost him a hand, which has been replaced with a crude clamp. Much to Max's annoyance, he insists on calling the new team "Max Force", in addition to his Tetramand powers, Manny also carries plasma beams guns.Pierce WheelsVoiced by:Adam Wylie – Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate AlienPierce Wheels is half human, half alien, and the adoptive brother of Helen. His species remains unknown.He has the ability to sprout quills from anywhere on his body, similar to Porcupine in "Ready to Rumble", and combines it with martial art skills. He first appears in a recorded journal having reportedly died in the "disintegration weapon" during a mission while working with Helen and Manny, but it is later revealed that he was actually sent to the Null Void, presumably through the projector they had been using to dispose of DNAliens and a number of other aliens. Like Manny is a mirror image of Kevin and Helen is the same to Gwen, Pierce is a mirror image of Ben on the team.Ben is forced to spar with Pierce in order to see "The Wrench" (who actually is Grandpa Max) and loses, though Pierce later finds out that Ben let him win in order to be allowed to see the Wrench.Pierce re-appears Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "The Purge", where he was on a date with a human girl, disguised with an ID mask. Two Forever Knights members catch him ordering him to leave Earth, but he refused and was killed. Matt Wayne confirmed his death.Lucy MannVoiced by:Tara Strong – Ben 10 and Ben 10: OmniverseLucy Mann is a member of a race of shapeshifting aliens called Sludgepuppies, who have been at war with the Plumbers for many years. Common traits among Sludgepuppies include the ability to alter their appearance and expand their limbs, though they are very weak to water.In the original series, Lucy briefly appears in "My Big Fat Alien Wedding", as she is the flower girl in the wedding between her aunt Camille (also a Sludgepuppy) and Ben's uncle Joel as part of creating a truce between the warring groups. Near the end of the episode, Ben shares a dance with Lucy only to accidentally trip on her muddy feet.In Ben 10: Omniverse, Lucy makes a full appearance in "Mud Is Thicker Than Water". Having become the first-ever Sludgepuppy Plumber, Lucy is partnered with Ben and Gwen in uncovering a mole within the Plumbers' ranks. During the investigation, Lucy vanishes frequently and unintentionally brings suspicion on herself, but she proves herself as a true Plumber by uncovering the real mole a Tetramand named Gorvan who has been stealing weapons for Psyphon. When it came to fighting Psyphon and his minions, Lucy assumed the form of Vilgax to scare him resulting in Psyphon getting apprehended by the Plumbers.Kai GreenVoiced by:Bettina BushIt is a nativa-espiritual New Mexico student who first appeared in "Benwolf" running one of their traditional dances causing Ben to see it as a love interest and then she along with her grandfather Wes Green collaborated in the task of stopping the Yenaldooshi who caused havoc in his village. In "Perfect Day", she makes a cameo as a cheerleader in the dream of Ben. She returns more late in "An American Benwolf" in London helping her grandfather Wes Green as well as the support of Ben and Rook Blonko to avoid the Forever Knights to obtain the sword of Excalibur and the formula of Mr. Hyde.Julie YamamotoVoiced by:Vyvan Pham – Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Ben 10: OmniverseJulie Yamamoto is a sixteen-year old Asian-American student (fifteen in Alien Force, sixteen in Ultimate Alien) and a tennis player, who is Ben's romantic love interest, sweetheart and girlfriend. Her first appearance was in the first episode of Ben 10 Alien Force, where Julie congratulates Ben on his soccer win, blossoming Ben's deep romantic feelings for her. Julie later in "Pier Pressure", plays a bigger role when Ben manages to ask her out on a date (with help from Gwen), their romantic evening at the pier was interfered by Ship, which Julie was kidnapped by accident, and Ben shows his secret when he was trying to rescue her, however, she liked the Omnitrix, which surprises him. Julie is quite accepting of Ben's Omnitrix-fueled exploits. Besides being good at tennis, she is also good in school.Julie is very cheerful, but not always very comprehensible, because she is very worried, especially with her friends. And from "Duped", Julie became more skeptical of Ben when the fame slowly goes to his head, which causes friction in their relationship, causing a short break. However, in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Julie showed more interest in the relationship than Ben, she is similar to Gwen in Ben 10: Alien Force, that was very visible in "Hero Time", where she was no longer angry at Ben, but she was jealous of movie star Jennifer Nocturne because she kissed him after he saved her, later, Julie ends up kidnapped alongside Jennifer Nocturne by Captain Nemesis, then, after Ben saves her, he apologizes her by calling "his girl" and she forgave him for all his flaws, instead of Jennifer (she was saved by Gwen and Kevin at the moment). However in "Revenge of the Swarm", when she was kidnapped by Elena Validus because of Elena's jealous when she found about her, but when Ben finds Julie, frees her, and Elena used the Nanochips to stop him, Julie convinces her to stop, she seemed to have no jealousy or regret of Elena trying to keep her away from Ben until she convinced Elena to save his life; different from "Hero Time", but that she still cares for Ben, it's possible that she had known about Elena just recently when she was kidnapped by her, this was seen again in "The Perfect Girlfriend".Julie returned in the episode 'Rules of Engagement' in Ben 10: Omniverse. She has been redesigned with longer hair worn in pigtails. It's also revealed that she and Ben are no longer a couple, after a misunderstanding on the phone. She now has a new French boyfriend, who is a photographer. Despite this, Julie and Ben promised to stay friends, after she saved him from Princess Looma.AzmuthVoiced by:Robert David Hall – Ben 10Jeff Bennett – Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate AlienRené Auberjonois - Ben 10: OmniverseAzmuth is a thousand year old Galvan (Grey Matter's species), as well the genius who created the Omnitrix, part of the Ultimatrix, the "Unitrix", "Ascalon", and the first Galvanic Mechomorphs. Azmuth is an extremely intelligent being, even as far as Galvan go, Azmuth's scientific prowess and achievements have made him a respected scientist even to the other Galvans, Paradox has even called him the smartest being in the universe.A thousand years ago, Azmuth was in a relationship with a female Galvan named Xenith, who attempted to stir him from harnessing the primal forces of the universe. Though he promised to view things her way, the planetary system they saw in perfect alignment inspired Azmuth to create Ascalon which can tap into the fundamental forces of the universe. Though he shrugged off the consequences of creating such a weapon, losing Xenith's love in the process, Azmuth is horrified to find that Ascalon was stolen by an Incursion who hoped to end the eons-long civil war between the many factions on his homeworld. The result however, was the destruction of the Incursion homeworld. Shocked by what he had done, Azmuth vowed to hide away the sword and gave it to Sir George, who used the weapon to defeat Dagon with the weapon sealed along with the entity's heart.Soon after, Azmuth dedicated himself to peaceful sciences, one of which was the creation of the Omnitrix as an apology to both the galaxy and Xenith, to be a tool of peace in an act of repentance following the destruction wrought by his previous creation. It has a twofold purpose: it would promote inter-species understanding by allowing other beings to experience different ways of life, and it would also serve as a repository for the DNA of millions of species, preserving them in the event that any of them should ever become extinct. However, he was disgusted when some people, particularly Vilgax, considered it as a weapon. This causes Azmuth to go into hiding before being found by Ben who needed his help to deactivate the Omnitrix's self-destruct sequence, convincing him there is still hope for the universe as he enable Ben to access Way Big and returned to Galvan Prime. Since then, Azmuth became more optimistic as he attempted to make up for lost time such as attempting to aid Malware as shown during the events of "Trouble Helix".In Ben 10: Alien Force, Azmuth's former assistant Albedo creates a copy of the Omnitrix. After the copy nearly destroyed a galaxy, Azmuth shows up and punishes Albedo by breaking his Omnitrix, leaving him de-powered and trapped in Ben's human form, before sending him to prison. He then stated that Ben is the only one who used the Omnitrix for good, and decides to let him find his own way to use it rather than advise him, saying that he has far more difficult challenges ahead and that he isn't the only one who believes Ben is the only one who thinks so. Later, Azmuth and Paradox warn Ben that the Highbreed are conquering planets and their fleet is heading towards Earth. And Galvan Prime was already conquered by then and its destruction would be the beginning of the end. Although he doesn't want Ben to fight, he realizes that there's no stopping him and activates the Master Control for the sake of the battle. When the Master Control was reset by the DNA wave Ben used to stop the Highbreed, Azmuth left to help rebuild Galvan without reactivating it. He shows a no-nonsense attitude towards the High-Breed's plan to eradicate Earth and he warmly tells Ben that there are more difficult battles to be fought in the future.Following the defeat of Dagon, Azmuth removes the Ultimatrix and places a new Omnitrix on Ben. When asked by Ben if he is ready to learn the Master Code, Azmuth states that he'll consider this by Ben's 18th birthday. He deactivated the Ultimatrix after giving to Ben, and gave him a newly modified Omnitrix.ShipVoiced by:Vyvan Pham - Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate AlienShip is a symbiotic of canine behavior produced by a Galvanic Mechomorph (Upgrade's species) named Baz-El.He possesses the same powers as Upgrade, he can also alter his form to mimic any device he has come into contact with; even objects with substantially more mass, like the Forever Knights' space ship, after this, Ship became the transportation of Ben's Team until Ben 10: Ultimate Alien when Kevin got The Rust Bucket III. Ship's vocabulary is limited to the word "ship", the message its creator had sent it to deliver, the word is adopted as the creature's name, but it turns out that Julie seems to understand what he says to her, although in "The Eye of the Beholder", Ship speaks his first word other than "ship" which is "Julie", when he choose to be with Julie instead of Baz-El, which he wanted to sell him as a weapon.Ship first introduced in "Pier Pressure", where since there, he became Julie's pet, after Baz-El gave him to her, Julie really cares about him, and so as Ship, having developed an attachment to Julie, also she treats him as a normal pet, not as a powerful weapon, as most of people see. Ship also can shape shift into different shapes.ParadoxVoiced by:David McCallum - Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and Ben 10: OmniverseProfessor Paradox is a time traveler who is biologically immortal and able to transverse time through sheer will. Paradox been described as a calm, free-going man; he talks much like a stereotypical scientist, with dialogue requiring higher knowledge to understand completely. He also has a habit of getting events that haven't happened yet (from the perspective of the viewer and those he's talking to) and those that have (from his perspective) mixed up, due to his travels through time. His calm personality also makes it difficult to tell when he's joking or not. His character is inspired by the Doctor from Doctor Who.He was originally a scientist from 1952 who discovered special properties in quartz crystals and received government funding to work on breaking a hole in the Space-Time Continuum, code-named the Paradox Project, with his assistant Hugo at the military base Los Soledad during the Cold War. But a slight miscalculation caused Paradox to get sucked into the Event Horizon, where he remained displaced from time for a 100,000 years. Losing his mind and regaining his sanity, he gained a complete understanding of the Space-Time Continuum. Having long forgot his name, he renamed himself Paradox and uses his understanding to travel across time to make different parts of history better for others. At some point in his time-traveling career, Paradox separated the pieces of the Map of Infinity, which could lead a person to the Forge of Creation, and hid them across the universe, disguising them as objects which would be difficult to obtain, in order to prevent the map from falling into the wrong hands. Paradox also met Ben's future self in his adventures prior to meeting the future hero's younger self.In his first appearance in Ben 10: Alien Force, Paradox soon learns that the accident that gave him his power also sent an extra-dimensional creature fifty years from the time of the experiment. Meeting Ben as they confront the creature, Paradox learns the monster is actually Hugo and manages to negate the monster's existence by keeping his friend from getting sucked it. After returning to Ben's present, Paradox was shocked that he didn't figure it out first as he gives an older Hugo to a behind-the-scenes look at eternity.In the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "Ultimate Aggregor", Paradox informed the team that Aggregor was using his old time travel equipment to achieve his goals. He also gave Kevin advice concerning the future, telling him that things would get worse before they got better, and to try to remember who his friends were. He also warned Ben "not to lean against the chronal randomization barrier", but doubted that he would listen. In "The Forge of Creation", Paradox appears to help the team to go to the Forge of Creation which is outside the universe, but is unable to stay with them as he "is not allowed to go within 500 lightyears" of Celestialsapiens, per their treaty. Paradox later returns in "Ben 10,000 Returns", aiding Ben and his future self against Eon. Before taking his leave, Paradox leaves Ben with a cryptical warning concerning Sir George and Dagon.Returning in the Ben 10: Omniverse series, wearing steampunk attire, Paradox is revealed to have been fighting a time war as he is pursued by Eon for the Chrono Navigator he possesses. But with Ben's help, Paradox protects the timeline though the restoration erased their meeting during that time.Jimmy JonesVoiced by:Scott Menville - Ben 10: Ultimate AlienJames "Jimmy" Jones is a 10-year-old kid who is a major fan of Ben, and it was he who found out Ben's secret and revealed it to everyone on the planet.He runs a website with pictures of aliens around the world, including every alien Ben has ever turned into, even when he was ten. He watches Ben by alerting him about any alien activity he finds via the internet. In "Andreas' Fault", Jimmy is revealed to have a secret informant in the Forever Knights in the form of Foreverduke838 (whom Jimmy met online), Ben realizes that Jimmy is very useful for letting him do what he wants, even giving Ben "relationship advice" and helping on fights, as seen in "The Big Story", when Jimmy helped to save them, retrieve the Ultimatrix for Ben, and defeat the plant alien.He wears a hoodie similar in design to Ben's jacket and has his old pants from the original series. Jimmy sent out a video that finally showed the world that Ben has the ability to turn into aliens, as he thought Ben would like the attention and money. He now helps Ben in some episodes, but gets cut short by his mother who wants him to take part in aerobics.Aggregor's PrisonersThese aliens are from the Andromeda Galaxy, and they were kidnapped from their planets by an Osmosian called Aggregor, he wanted to absorb the full powers and abilities of the five aliens he captured using a machine he had built back on his home planet and make himself invincible so he can obtain the "Ultimate Prize".All them escaped from Aggregor's ship using a shuttle, and crashed a land on Earth on the coast of Florida; afterwards, Galapagus, P'andor, Andreas, and Ra'ad each split up to find a way off the planet while Bivalvan stays with the shuttle and attempts to repair it. But all the aliens were recaptured.In "Ultimate Aggregor", after regain all them, Aggregor releases them, but takes control of their minds and has them attack Ben and his friends, to bring more time for his plan be successful. When Aggregor used the machine to drain the aliens' powers they faded away.In "Absolute Power" Pt. 2, all the aliens that Aggregor killed and drained their powers were brought back to life after Ben and the others stopped Kevin, releasing their powers.BivalvanVoiced by:Dee Bradley Baker - Ben 10: Ultimate AlienBivalvan (a play on bivalve, a term for clams and oysters) is a crustacean-like creature and Water Hazard's genetic donor.Every night he would rise out of the ocean and raid NASA, steal equipment from their secret rocket project, and use them to repair the ship. Unfortunately if he had launched the ship, the nuclear bomb he used to ignite it would have destroyed most of Florida. Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Julie were able to stop Bivalvan from launching his ship, scanned his DNA, and promised that they would send Plumbers to get him and send him back to his home planet. Instead, Aggregor arrived before the Plumbers and recaptured Bivalvan.GalapagusVoiced by:John DiMaggio - Ben 10: Ultimate AlienGalapagus (a play on the Galápagos Islands, which are home to the Galápagos tortoise) is a turtle-like creature and Terraspin's genetic donor. Like the other members of his species, he's gentle, kind, and easily scared.One day, Aggregor attacked his home planet, captured him, and imprisoned him with the other four aliens he had captured. When the five attempt to escape Aggregor's ship, Galapagus suggests using his communicator to send out a distress message. Even though he and the other aliens are put back in the cell, his message is heard by Magister Prior Ghilhil, who boards Aggregor's ship and finds the five aliens, only to be attacked by him. Bivalvan, P'andor, Andreas, and Ra'ad escape again, but Galapagus seemingly betrays them to Aggregor in exchange for his own freedom. When Aggregor admits he wasn't going to free Galapagus, he admits he didn't intend to betray the others either and incapacitates Aggregor. He then leads the escape to a shuttle, which Aggregor shoots down and causes to crash on Earth. Afterwards, each split up to find a way off the planet while Bivalvan stays with the shuttle and attempts to repair it.Seeking help, Galapagus attacked Bellwood's downtown to get the attention of Ben. While battling, Gwen notices that he hadn't actually harmed anyone, and convinces Kevin to use the translator in his Plumber's badge to translate his words into English. After hearing his story of how he escaped Aggregor, Ben scanned samples of his DNA for the Ultimatrix, and has him taken back to his home planet in a Plumber spaceship. However, Galapagus finds out the spaceship's pilot is Aggregor in Magister Prior Gilhil's Plumber suit.Aggregor's needs for Galapagus's powers were made apparent in "Where the Magic Happens", as his species is immune to mana.P'andorVoiced by:Dee Bradley Baker - Ben 10: Ultimate AlienP'andor (a play on Pandora's box, a box which, if opened, would release all the evil of the world) is a Prypiatosian-B trapped inside an armored suit that limits his powers. He's the most aggressive and hot-headed of the five aliens. P'andor is being more aggressive than others, and seemed to have a rivalry going with Bivalvan and had a tendency to berate Andreas for not thinking. Also is NRG's genetic donor.Desperate to return to full strength, he ends up establishing a reward to whoever can break open the suit. When the hired help consisting of Buzz, Hammer, and Surgeon are unable to use the Taedenite to break it open, P'andor sends them to capture Kevin. Upon his hired help capturing Kevin, P'andor tricks him into releasing him from his containment suit (the only thing limiting his powers). Revealed as a living energy being, P'andor attempts to drain the radiation out of a nuclear power plant, but also his presence in the Earth without his suit was dangerous, because he is radioactive. Kevin and Ultimate Cannonbolt are able to trap him back in his suit and turn him over to the Plumbers who deport him back to his home planet. Unfortunately, their ship is intercepted by Aggregor who blasts the Plumbers out into space and recaptures P'andor. In "Too Hot to Handle", P'andor was the only antagonist between the Andromeda Galaxy aliens.AndreasVoiced by:Dee Bradley Baker – Ben 10: Ultimate AlienAndreas (His name and the name of the episode "Andreas' Fault" are a play on the San Andreas Fault) is a large, bulky, yellow, armored alien with jackhammers and drills in his arms and is Armodrillo's genetic donor. He is reckless, as well as oblivious, proven when he repeatedly attempted to wreck a spaceship while still inside it. His intelligence is quite low, and doesn't even know what an asteroid is. However, being dimwitted, he often uses these powers at the inconvenience of allies and enemies alike. His personality and actions are very similar to Rath. On the other hand, Andreas is a little more gullible than hardheaded as he tends to make attachments to pretty much anyone whom he thinks is nice or is the strongest (this was proven when he blindly followed P'andor who had over-powered Bivalvan and took charge). Andreas has shown him to be a gentle giant, getting easily scared and thinks most people are his friends.Sometime after he separated from the others, he met up with Argit who became Andreas's "friend". Then he took command of the Forever Knights by threatening to use Andreas to destroy their castles. His plan backfires when the Forever Knights rebel and capture Andreas, Argit, Ben and his friends. Andreas is to be executed but Ben and his friends save him and he then consider them friends. When the Forever Knights set a weapon to self-destruct, Andreas decides to save his friends by absorbing the blast on Argit's suggestion. Andreas saved them and was assumed dead by everyone. Miraculously, Andreas survived but was greatly injured, which made it easy for Agreggor to arrive and capture him once more.While he was on Aggregor's ship, he was much braver, but on Earth, Andreas's personality is like that of an innocent child. He scares easily but takes comfort in his friends, whether they are bad or good.Ra'adVoiced by:Dee Bradley Baker – Ben 10: Ultimate AlienRa'ad (a play on Ra'ad, the popular Arabic male given name for thunder) is an Amperi and the AmpFibian's genetic donor. Preferring to be quiet and observant questioning Galapagus's trust briefly and agreeing that Bivalvan's plan was the best. He also appeared somewhat controlling, having a short argument with P'andor over power but quickly changed his mind and went along with Bivalvan.After learning that Aggregor had captured the others, Ra'ad attacked Ben, and blaming him, thinking he had given the others aliens to Aggregor. Ben defeated and captured him, but Ra'ad duped them to letting him go, under the pretense of friendship. Ra'ad then entered the Ultimatrix forcing Ben to change into his form, and slowly taking control of his mind, but while he was undercover, he kept the Ultimatrix off-line, so Aggregor couldn't track him. Kevin was able to force the Ultimatrix to reboot, knocking Ra'ad out of it. Sensing Aggregor's approach, he fled, leaving Ben and company to fight him. However, after being scolded about his cowardice by Kevin, he returned, saving Ben from Aggregor's attack. But in doing so, he ended up getting recaptured by Aggregor.Sir GeorgeVoiced by:Peter Renaday - Ben 10: Ultimate AlienSir George is the First Knight blessed with immortality at his birth, having founded the Forever Knights over a thousand years ago. For reasons unknown, George left the order and has been in hiding for centuries. He has a coin with the infinity symbol (∞), the same symbol as the seal that held the Lucubra.George was born as Georgius in Ancient Rome in 231 AD. He acquired immortality at some point by unknown means, living for over 900 years, before becoming a knight in the medieval era. Sir George forged the seal that kept the Lucubra in the 4th century, and in 1131 he also defeated another inter-dimensional creature known as Diagon with the sword Ascalon, created and gave by Azmuth, because he said that George was worthy enough to wield its terrible power. George carved out Dagon's heart and pinning it to the ground with the sword, he sent it back to its dimension (probably by using magic as stated), becoming the basis for the legend of Saint George and the Dragon.In the 1930s, he moved to the Bellwood Senior Village and lived there for over 70 years and where he first appeared in "The Creature From Beyond". He had a coin with the same symbol as the seal that held the Lucubra. He somehow knew when the seal was destroyed and left. At the end of the episode he was seen looking at the damaged seal, looking down, and then leaving. In "Prisoner Number 775 is Missing", Sir George arrives at Area 51, where he attacks the guards and removes the base, turning it into a new Forever Knights stronghold.In "The Purge", Sir George appears during a meeting between Enoch, Driscoll, Patrick and Urian. After a brief fight with Driscoll, he is identified as the founder of the Forever Knights and unites the factions into one. Sir George's first order was the Forever Knights target the aliens living on Earth and remove them whatever way possible. He later sends Driscoll to lead the Forever Knight soldiers into attacking an alien air-lift area that Ben was guarding. Upon learning of Driscoll's defeat, Sir George is not disappointed as it was just a distraction for a bigger plan. Sir George has Driscoll lead the Forever Knights while he is away and to have the Forever Knights ready upon his return, "for the battle of 100 lifetimes". Sir George has been on a quest for several days since it to find Ascalon and Dagon's heart so that he might destroy the heart. Using a long series of calculations, Sir George found when and where the shrine that holds the sword and heart would appear next. Through the Flame Keepers' Circle and Vilgax hindered his quest, George reclaimed Ascalon and was restored to his youthful self as he prepares the Forever Knights for an epic confrontation against Dagon while promising to give Ben the sword should he fail to stop the menace.In "Beginning of the End" and "The Ultimate Enemy", when the Flame Keepers' Circle make their move, George goes to Dagon's cave and he finds Vilgax breaking the seal before battling him after killing Conduit Edwards. But once Vilgax freed Dagon, George is killed by him and Ascalon goes to Ben's possession where he finished what he started. In the end, Ascalon returned to Azmuth alongside the Ultimatrix.Ben 23Ben 23 is a fictional character in the cartoon series Ben 10: Omniverse. He appeared in the episode "Store 23". He is a rich and younger version of Ben 10 in Dimension 23. He has slightly longer hair that covers his left eye and has blue eyes. He also wears a Bluetooth on his right ear to call his agent and carries around a cell phone for texting.By the time Ben 23 got his Omnitrix, his Grandpa Max died, so he had to teach himself how to use it. He used to think all aliens were evil until Ben 10 stopped him and told him that not all aliens were evil. His greatest enemy was Intellectuary, the Azmuth from Dimension 23. He created Ben 23's Omnitrix. Ben 23 has not yet encountered greater enemies like Vilgax.Omnitrix AliensSee also: List of Ben 10 aliens

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